Don’t struggle to entertain your kids every day- let us entertain and help educate them for you! 

As we all do our best to navigate this ever-changing situation the team at Dancing with Louise want to help in whatever small ways we can. We’ve added a whole host of workshops and dance classes for you and your kids to help you keep active, keep up with your training and stay positive during this Lockdown. 
Here’s the best part: It’s really easy. Simply 

Option 1: Choose one class/subject  (Hip-Hop/Ballet/Dance Gym etc.) & then get unlimited access to all 6 weekly workshops for free(4 week programme) – only £1.78 a class! Sign me up

Option 2: Sign up for unlimited access to all the new workshops – six plus classes a week only £1.66 a class! Sign me up

Option 3: Pick any workshop of your choice – pay as you go only £6.50 a workshop. Sign me up