Hip Hop

Join a DWL Hiphop course and enjoy explosive dance classes with fresh new routines, exciting choreography and all the latest Hiphop moves and styles including Street, Breaking, Popping, Locking, Tutting, Waacking and Free-style!

What can I expect from DWL Hiphop class?

Pupils are taught an energetic cardio Hiphop warm up, followed by a thorough stretch and limbering. Then a selection of sequences are worked on each week culminating in an impressive choreographed routine, taught and worked on to performance standard. All routines are set at DWL headquarters and our instructors are all trained professionals.

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Benefits of Hiphop:

Classes promote fitness, strength, confidence in dance and self expression, coordination, rhythm and dance repertoire.

Opportunities to perform at our shows and community events.

What to wear?

DWL uniform t-shirt/ Own black leggings / comfortable bottoms /Trainers

Any other information I ought to know?

Students should come ready to dance and have fun!

No previous experience necessary.