It is more important than ever to keep strong and healthy both physically and mentally whilst we are all staying at home, as the world fights Covid-19. I am delighted to be offering our popular iDanceFit sessions from the comfort of your living room!
To receive info regarding our full dance weekly timetable including classes for children and all our popular subjects: Dance Gymnastics, Hiphop, Ballet, , email

Full one hour dance workout sessions!

Join us for your favourite Dance Fitness workout! One sizzling hour of all your favourite, easy-to-follow routines including toning tracks and breakdowns of any new routines at the start of the class. Perfect way to keep fit and strong whilst staying at home, looking after your mental well-being as well as your physical as our classes will leave you on a total high!
SUNDAYS with Louise: 10 – 11am
WEDNESDAYS with Louise: 8.30 – 9.30pm
FRIDAYS with Sam: 10-11am
TUESDAYS with Louise: 9.30-10.00am
THURSDAYS with Louise: 9.30-10.00am
Full Hour classes are £8 pay as you go OR purchase 10 sessions for £67.50 (save £12.50!)
30 mins classes are £4 OR purchase 10 sessions for £35 (save £5!)
If you have a £67.50 class pass you will receive the codes for ALL the sessions and be charged 1/2 pass for 30 mins classes and a full pass for the full hour sessions.
Once you have purchased your ticket for the class, you should receive an email before the start of the class with your meeting ID and password. Then you can sign in on ZOOM. The waiting room will be open before the class is due to take place and we will be able to grant those of you who have booked access to the class. If your computer device is saved under a name that is not yours or is not easily recognisable (eg GALAXY89) I suggest you change it to your full name so you don’t get missed off the register! Please be sure to register BEFORE the class starts to avoid missing the session!
Joining the class is easy!
1. Go to Zoom
2. Click on JOIN MEETING. Enter meeting ID.
3. Check your email for the class password.
4. Wait to be admitted into the session from the ‘waiting room’.